Tyllt supports you in the resolution of your disputes

Let Tyllt resolve disputes whether you are an individual or a professional. Thanks to its partners, Tyllt offers a real legal follow-up.

When does Tyllt intervene ?

Renting goods and services is becoming more and more common online and different problems can result. Not knowing if the rented service is compliant and if your tenant is solvent, Tyllt appears to be the mediator and the management tool to make the link between the stakeholders, in full equality and transparency, whether in case of :

    • Poorly performed service
    • Well damaged or non-compliant
    • Defects in hidden defects


In the event of a dispute, I can decide to involve Tyllt or resolve the problem amicably. If we can't find common ground, Tyllt steps in and looks at all the elements before providing a thoughful, informed and most fair and equitable decision possible.

Step 1. Amicable resolution

Exchanges between stakeholders

The parties have the opportunity to explain themselves in order to find common ground

Choosing a proposal

Stakeholders agree on the amount to be collected

Dispute Resolved

The amount defined following the agreement will be the one debited.

Step 2. Mediation by Tyllt

Analysis of items

Tyllt analyses all the elements provided by both parties

Exchanges with the parties

If necessary, Tyllt exchanges with stakeholders regarding the elements provided.

A decision is rendered

Mediator Tyllt determines the fairest decision and the collection is made or not according to the decision.

Step 3. Legal intervention


Tyllt puts you in touch with a mediation professional

Intervention of the mediator on the file

The professional organizes exchanges between stakeholders

Outcome of the dispute

An agreement between the 2 parties is reached or arbitration is decided.